Security Solutions Like No Other

Security Guard — Customized Protection in Denver, CO
Desouza Protective Services LLC in Denver, Colorado aims to provide customized protection where satisfaction is our top priority. We function as the eyes and ears of your neighborhood or business to ensure that you are in a safe environment at all times.

Aside from providing security personnel and patrol services, we also help design security systems and provide training. We want to empower security and facility directors and keep them informed about security standards while helping them derive beneficial information from it.

While we are a private company, we always maintain a good working relationship with local law enforcement for your added protection. When you are in need of security services, you can rely on us!

Our Edge

What sets us apart from our competition is that at Desouza Protective Services LLC, we excel at providing you and your tenants and clients with superior service. We understand that security officers are often the first and last people seen at your facility. First impressions are crucial for you as well as it is for us.

More importantly, Desouza Protective Services LLC understands protection. Protecting communities involves a high standard of training, safety, visibility, and customized operations. Our clients can attest to our service levels on different security issues. We also invest in our people to pay dividends to our clients.

Our Mission and Vision

We aim to provide professional security services that exceed our clients' expectations and needs with integrity and professionalism. Our team strives to engineer unique security solutions for our clients to stay relevant in the real world. It is our responsibility to give our clients peace of mind as well as continue to proactively revolutionize emerging security systems to set us apart from the competition.

Your Safety, Our Mission

Desouza Protective Services LLC will conduct research, development, use state-of-the-art equipment, and review methods of operation in a never-ending effort to improve the quality of the products and services we offer. By doing so, we can help our clients understand and adapt to changes in security networks as well as keep them safe.
For professional security serving all of Colorado, call Desouza Protective Services LLC today. 720-932-8080