Unique Security Solutions

Our Services

Desouza Protective Services LLC in Denver, Colorado offers security guards and patrol services. Read the information on this page to learn more about the security solutions that we provide.

General Services:

  • Perimeter Patrols
  • Screening of Persons or Vehicles Seeking Access to Restricted Areas
  • Staff Fixed Site Posts
  • Roving Vehicle Patrols
  • Alarm Response and Investigations
  • CCTV Systems Operations
  • Staff Command Centers
  • Security Logs Maintenance
  • Operation of:
    • Walk-Through Metal Detectors
    • Hand Wands
    • X-Ray Scanners
    • ETDs
  • Goods and Personnel Inspection
  • Training Curriculum Development
  • Advanced Bomb Detection Screening
CPR First Aid — Customized Protection in Denver, CO

Services for Residential Communities

We partner with local law enforcement agencies to help keep homeowners and tenants safe. Our company's residential services include:
  • Access Control
  • Customer Service and Safety
  • Emergency Response and Planning
  • CPR/First Aid/AED Training
  • Electronic Security Integration
  • Parking Lot Monitoring
  • Service Relation Within Your Facilities

Commercial Client Services

Aside from the usual security services, we also offer training to business owners. You can trust that our trainers are certified CCSPs (Cisco Certified Security Professionals). Additionally, our staff is proficient in keeping with industry regulations and in using state-of-the-art security equipment. We provide the following services:
  • Shuttle Services
  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Concierge Services
  • Armed and Unarmed Security Personnel
  • Suspicious Package Recognition
  • Active Shooter Response Plans
  • Concession Screening
  • Employees Portal Screening
  • Construction Access Control
  • Cargo Screening
  • Warehouse Security
  • CCSF (Certified Cargo Screening Facility) Cargo Protection

Facility Guard Services

Desouza Protective Services LLC provides facility security monitoring for personnel entering and exiting your facilities to ensure that only authorized employees are permitted and that requirements are continuously conducted. We offer the following:
  • Emergency Management
  • Incident Reporting
  • Badging and Identification
  • OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Act) Standards Training
  • EHS & S (Environmental, Health, Safety, and Sustainability) Training
  • Safety Training
  • SVAs (Site Vulnerability Assessments)
  • Private Investigations
  • Armed and Unarmed Security Personnel (For Banks)
  • Retail Security Loss Prevention
  • Security Personnel (Schools, Hotels, Motels, Construction sites, Office building, Corporate events and Hospitals)
  • Bodyguards Security Personnel
  • Public and Private Events Security Details
  • Medical Marijuana Security Personnel
  • Underage Detection
  • Nightclubs Security Personnel